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Australian Financial Review CFO Awards 2013

Deloitte has won both the Accounting Firm of the Year and the Audit Firm of the Year in the Financial Review CFO Awards 2013.  This is the first time in the awards’ history that any firm has taken out both awards in the same year.  
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What does award winning design feel like

Deloitte wins Design Award for Audit services

Deloitte has been awarded an Australian International Design Award (TM) for its Audit Services in what is a first for a professional services firm.

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Deloitte has been awarded an Australian International Design AwardTM for its audit services in what is a first for a professional services firm. The Design AwardTM recognised the five key elements which make each and every Deloitte audit unique.

Walking in the clients’ shoes

We view issues from our clients’ perspective to gain a deeper understanding of and empathy toward their challenges and audit risks.

Data visualisation

We bring data to life and giving it visual and financial meaning, which helps our auditors design their procedures more effectively and communicate more powerfully to our clients.

Simplicity of message

Using data visualisation techniques, developing an understanding of the business and asking our clients what is important to them leads to greater clarity of complex issues and the ability to communicate audit findings in a simple and meaningful way.

Making the invisible visible

Using workshopping techniques fosters a deeper mutual understanding between our auditors and clients of what our clients need.

10 ways to think differently

Thinking differently about auditing lets us improve our planning and communication.

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Our Audit Differentiation Program

Deloitte's Audit Differentiation program gives our auditors the capabilities to quickly understand and respond to your needs.


Serving Australia’s blue-chip companies

Our team approaches audits with a solid understanding of your business, industry and the Australian regulatory environment, tailoring our service to your specific circumstances.