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Digital disruption - Harnessing the ‘bang’

Discover how Telstra, NAB, Westfield & AustralianSuper have differentiated through customer, culture and clever investment in the dynamic digital world.
Where is your next worker?


Addressing the skills shortage

Where is your next worker?

Australia's problem in coming years won’t be a lack of jobs – it will be a lack of workers.

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Where is your next worker?

Building the Lucky Country

Where is your next worker?, the first report in our Building the Lucky Country series, addresses the positive actions business and government can take to maintain momentum in the face of a looming national skills shortage.


How can we address the talent crisis?

Population, Participation and Productivity

How we respond to the skills shortage will change the game for Australia. Our report examines the options available to organisations through 12 levers, grouped into three areas:

  • Your next worker is still being educated
  • Your next worker is in the crowd
  • Your next worker is overseas
  • Your next worker is waiting for a visa.
  • Your next worker is retired - or about to retire
  • Your next worker is juggling work and family
  • Your next worker has the ability
  • Your next worker is interstate.
  • Your next worker is not needed
  • Your next worker is in the mail room
  • Your next worker is knocking on your door
  • Your next worker may currently be on cruise control.

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