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The outlook is bright for the Australian agribusiness sector, with growing demand for our food and agriculture products in Asia. But our environmental and economic landscapes offer particular challenges. Where do the real opportunities lie? And can you stay competitive in the global market?


What do farm cash incomes and debt trends mean for your business?

Using the recently released ABARES report on the financial performance of Australian farms we take a closer look at farm cash incomes and trends in farm debts.


Where are the growth opportunities in Australian agriculture?

The optimism over the prospects of Australian agribusiness raises the question – where do the greatest growth opportunities lie?


Agribusiness outlook 2015

Deloitte has predicted agribusiness as the sector with the strongest competitive advantages for Australia’s economic outlook. This article takes a closer look at the outlook for 2015.


Just add water – the irrigation revolution in Tasmania

The irrigation revolution in Tasmania has the potential to establish the state as the most reliable source of high quality food and fibre in a continent challenged by climate change.


World cotton market: Can growers expect prices to improve?

Cotton is Australia’s third largest agricultural export commodity. With the Australian dollar moving favourably for exporters in recent months, why are current cotton prices stuck around the mid-$400 range? Can growers expect prices to improve sooner or later?



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