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$79 billion: Australia’s digital economy grows and grows

The Connected Continent II explores the rapidly changing face of Australian businesses and economy.


The Connected Continent II - 2015

How the internet is transforming the Australian economy

Digital technology continues to radically transform the Australian economy. Deloitte Access Economics expands and updates its original report for Google - The Connected Continent – and now values the digital economy at $79 billion.

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The Connected Continent II

The Connected Continent II - 2015

In 2011, Google commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to prepare a report, The Connected Continent, which estimated that the internet was already contributing $50 billion to the economy (3.6% of GDP) and forecast this would grow to $70 billion by 2016.

Now valued at $79bn, digital technology including cloud platforms, smart hand-held devices and social networks are the new beachheads of the sweeping impact of the internet. Rapidly evolving from basic connectivity, these technologies are further changing not only how consumers interact with businesses, but also how businesses are organising themselves.

In this report we expand and update our analysis of the internet in the 2011 report to the digital economy as a whole in 2015. Based on the latest methodologies, technology trends and statistics we consider the impacts on GDP, productivity and employment, and the consequent impact on governments and policy makers. And through case study and analysis, we report the impacts in the workplace, on businesses, and for consumers.

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The Connected Continent 2011

The Connected Continent 2011

The original 2011 report was commissioned by Google to promote a deeper understanding of the role of the internet in the Australian economy and to help Australia reach the goal of becoming a leading digital economy.

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