Oil and Gas

Deloitte’s Oil and Gas professionals work with clients to help maximize business potential across the full spectrum of the industry - from super majors and trading businesses to independents - to deliver services, perspectives and solutions that best suit the business and its people.

Oil and Gas Video


Deloitte Oil & Gas Podcast and Video Series

Welcome to the Deloitte Oil & Gas Podcast and Video series, an in-depth look at the Oil & Gas industry in Australia and around the world.


Oil and Gas Talent Management

Adopting analytics to effectively manage workforce needs


Oil and Gas Reality Check 2014

A look at the top issues facing the oil and gas sector. This year has seen global energy markets influenced by geo-politics to an extent never seen before.


Energy and Resources Solutions

Deloitte’s specialist Mining, Oil & Gas, Power and Water teams deliver knowledge, expertise, and a different perspective


Costs and productivity in oil and gas

Australia’s LNG boom remains a transformative, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but uncertainty around commodity prices and a number of other disruptive forces are testing the resolve of market participants. We’re here to help.


Deloitte Access Economics

Deloitte Access Economics is one of the largest teams of economists in private practice in Australia, offering a full suite of macroeconomic and microeconomic advisory services.

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Key contacts

Michael Lynn

Partner, Consulting

Key contacts

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