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Appointment type:

Voluntary Administration

Appointment date:

Voluntary Administration: 15, 26 and 27 February 2008
Liquidation: 7 October 2008


Palandri Limited (In Liquidation) (PL): ACN 087 787 415
PWPL ACN – 085 042 879 Ltd
Formerly Palandri Wine Production Ltd (PWPL)
PWL ACN – 084 252 488 Ltd
Formerly Palandri Wines Ltd (PWL)
PIML ACN – 091 709 769 Ltd
Formerly Palandri Investment Management Ltd (PIML)
MRWIPL ACN – 112 505 692 Pty Ltd
Formerly Margaret River Wine Investments Pty Ltd (MRWIPL)
PFL ACN – 090 580 500 Ltd
Formerly Palandri Finance Ltd (PFL)
All in Liquidation (Collectively referred to as the Palandri Group)


John Greig, Neil Cussen and Gary Doran




General enquiries
Tyron Lopes
Tel: +61 8 9365 8171

Media enquiries
Simon Rushton
Tel: +61 2 9322 5562


Background information

The Palandri Group is a winery in the Margaret River region of Western Australia.


John Greig, Neil Cussen and Gary Doran were appointed joint and several administrators of companies in the Palandri Group on 15, 26 and 27 February 2008. Creditors of the Group subsequently appointed them joint and several liquidators on 7 October 2008.


2014 - 2010


Palandri Group | Deloitte Australia | Insolvency matter

508 Annual report to creditors
4 January 2010

439A Report to creditors
26 September 2008

Remuneration report
26 September 2008

Form 529
26 September 2008

Form 532
26 September 2008

Proof of debt form
26 September 2008

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