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Bribery and corruption risk is real, and action is imperative

The Deloitte Bribery and Corruption Survey 2015 confirms that domestic and offshore corruption risk remains high.

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Deloitte launches Global Centre for Crisis management

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Bribery and Corruption Survey 2015


Bribery and Corruption Survey 2015

Separate the wheat from the chaff

How well equipped are you to manage the risk? If the nearly 270 respondents who participated in our survey late in 2014 are correct, while there have been some improvements in terms of the management of corruption risk by Australian and New Zealand organisations since our 2012 survey, a real disconnect remains between risk and reality. Worryingly, some organisations still don’t believe that bribery and corruption is a key risk for them. This report provides essential insights, following our inaugural survey in 2012, when it comes to the significant and complex risks around bribery and corruption - both domestic and foreign - across Australian and New Zealand’s private and public sectors.

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Bribery and Corruption Survey 2015

Survey report

Explore the survey results to understand the significant risks presented by this complex issue:

  • Domestic corruption: Are we as clean as we think?
  • Foreign corruption: How the risk has changed since 2012, and how well equipped are Australian and New Zealand organisations to identify, manage and prevent this risk?

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Bribery and corruption Survey 2012

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