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Risk and Forensic technology tools

Risk and forensic technology delivery suite offers a variety of intuitive tools which assist organisations with their corporate governance, risk mitigation, internal control framework, transactions and general data management.

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Deloitte’s Risk Solutions comprises tools that help organisations with their corporate governance, risk mitigation, internal controls, transactions and general data management. 

Each tool performs a different corporate function, including document storage, document review for litigation, data collection, management control and audit to record evidence of disclosure. 

Delivering these services online makes them cost-effective, accessible across multiple platforms, customisable, easy to use, fast to set up and environmentally friendly.


D.Boards allows boards to manage, share and comment on confidential materials via a secure web portal and iPad app. D.Boards allows busy directors to keep up-to-date with their board documents anytime and anywhere.

Visit D.Boards page for more information.

Online data room

Our Online data room is a secure document management system hosted in Australia that gives you control of your M&A process. It provides document searching, reporting, and Q&A functionality, and is purpose-built to streamline the document management process for any business transaction.

Visit Online data room page for more information.

Conflict of interest register

Deloitte’s Conflict of interest register allows you to manage document libraries, track employee declarations, manage workflow and share internal news – all using a secure online solution you can customise to suit your organisation. The register also gives you a source for proof of disclosure for any internal or external audit regulators.

Visit Conflict of interest register page for more information.

Control self-assessment

Control self-assessments or CSA’s are a technique used by a wide range of organisations to assess the effectiveness of their controls. Deloitte offers CSA tools to assess control activities, develop improvement plans and review, consolidate and analyse results on a recurring basis. These tools can help any organisation looking to manage, report and assess the effectiveness of the controls it has implemented for compliance activities. The same functionality can be used for organisations looking to assess the control environment in the context of management representation letters from management to the external auditors.

Visit Control self-assessments page for more information.

Whistleblower service

Whistleblower is an anonymous and independent employee hotline and email service that helps cut the costs and risks of workplace misconduct. Where normal escalation procedures can’t always capture sensitive issues, Deloitte’s Whistleblower is a trusted mechanism that tells your employees that your business takes fraud and misconduct seriously. Current clients include major Australian organisations in a wide range of industries including insurance, retail, gaming, transport, packaging, and energy and resources.

Visit Whistleblower page for more information.

Product Recall

Our Product Recall tool is unique web-based software purpose-built to help organisations take full control of their product recall process. An audit trail tracks consumer and supplier recall requests and all interaction they have with your organisation. The interactive workflow allows your organisation to monitor decision-making throughout the recall process.

Visit Product Recall page for more information.

Data collection survey tool

Deloitte’s Data collection survey tool allows organisations to collect and analyse data, create reports and make well-informed decisions. A secure online platform and statistical analysis package, it gives Deloitte the ability to build and supply a wide variety of custom surveys.

Visit Data colletion survey tool page for more information.

Hosted Review

Hosted Review is for organisations that operate in litigious environments where there is greater need to reduce risks and manage costs for careful preparation and processes. The Deloitte Discovery™ platform allows you to review and manage hard copy and electronic documents for litigation, investigations and other assignments where multiple users need to access large volumes of information simultaneously and in several locations.

Visit Hosted Review page for more information.

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