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Fraud, conflicts of interest, code-of-conduct violations and regulatory non-compliance are unfortunate business realities, with severe impacts. Deloitte Forensic help clients react quickly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute to resolve issues and reduce the risk of future problems.


Protecting the knowledge economy

While the value of intellectual property (IP) can be difficult to quantify, protecting inventions, designs, images, symbols and logos, as well as systems, processes, business plans, and customer lists developed by individuals or businesses is critical.



Fraud, corruption and money laundering can destroy an organisation’s reputation and lead to great financial loss. Deloitte’s Australian team of forensic experts – accountants, auditors, data analysts and investigators – help organisations pre-empt such threats and react when they occur.


Forensic response

Deloitte Forensic response helps clients react quickly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute. We use our global network, deep industry experience and advanced analytical technology to understand and resolve issues. 


Financial crime

We can help assess our client's current approach and work with them to develop an improved financial crime operating model. 


Business resilience and crisis management

Crises can significantly impact the financial standing, reputation and critical assets of any organisation.


Risk Digital

The Risk Digital suite offers a variety of intuitive tools which assist organisations with their corporate governance, risk mitigation, internal control framework, transactions and general data management.

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