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Deloitte busts key myths

Deloitte busts key myths and recommends a circuit breaker for taxing superannuation, negative gearing and capital gains in the second Shedding light on the debate: Mythbusting tax reform report.
Mythbusting tax reform


Shedding light on the debate

Mythbusting tax reform

Australia is having an important national conversation about Tax Reform. Done well, tax reform is a goal worth fighting for, as it will improve the living standards of our children and grandchildren. Download the Mythbusting tax reform report, consider the infographic and explore additional insights. Connect with us on Twitter @DeloitteTaxAU for the latest updates and analysis.

Mythbusting Tax Reform Series

A better tax system could be a big contributor to building the Lucky Country, a key goal for Deloitte. Yet to date a mix of factors – the political climate, the reactions of vested interests, and the sheer breadth of the reform opportunities being considered – has resulted in a debate that has been confusing, contradictory and inflexible.

Most frustratingly, it has been characterised by a proliferation of myths and misconceptions.

That’s why Deloitte is releasing two reports aimed at shedding light where there is currently too much heat.

Mythbusting tax reform #1

Our first report issued in September 2015 covers three contentious areas: fiscal drag, GST and company tax. Reforms to all three are vital. But they are dogged by misconceptions that just won’t die.

Mythbusting tax reform #2

Our second report released on Monday 26 October explores three key areas: superannuation incentives, negative gearing and the discount on capital gains. You won't be surprised to hear that all three are shrouded in myths.

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Mythbusting tax reform #2

Download the infographic #2

Mythbusting tax reform #2: Superannuation, negative gearing and the discount on capital gains

Response to Tax Discussion Paper

As an historical record of the current taxation mix and approach, the discussion paper achieves a level of education and summary that will be helpful in navigating a future path. The paper shows some propensity for action on certain areas and marks out some areas as no-go zones. But for the main part, it puts many issues firmly on the table for discussion, but does not offer any conclusion. It will be left to the submissions process and the ensuing dialogue to shape that future path as part of the Green Paper process, leading to the eventual White Paper.

Tax Insights - Re: think: Implications of the Tax Discussion Paper

Deloitte submission to the Tax Discussion paper

Deloitte submission on innovation to the Tax Discussion paper

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Creating a movement: the Coalition’s marketing of tax reform 

Posted March 25, 2015 by David Watkins and Peta McFarlane.

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