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Input Tax Accelerator®


Input Tax Accelerator®

Data analytics to review GST recoveries

Deloitte's innovative approach using data analytics to review GST recoveries can unlock 'free cash flow' and deliver material one-off cash injection to your business.

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Input Tax Accelerator® is the market-leading Deloitte methodology that addresses the timing problem of recovering input tax credits later than the law allows because of tax invoice processing delays within an organisation.

Input Tax Accelerator® has the potential to unlock cash flow and provide a significant, one-off cash injection to a business:
  • Businesses typically claim between 25% and 100% of input tax credits later than they are entitled to
  • Delayed claims are caused by delays in processing tax invoices
  • The business funds this delay unnecessarily
  • Input Tax Accelerator® is a Deloitte process, involving proprietary software, which identifies the delay and delivers the one-off cash injection.

Input Tax Accelertaor® | Data analytics to review GST recoveries

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