The future of exchanging value

The explosion of new technology and virtual currencies is changing where, when and how people and business exchange value.


Scaling Edges

The world as we know it is changing. Increased globalisation and rapid advancements in technology, collectively referred to as The Big Shift, are profoundly altering our economy and creating new markets.
centre for the edge


Centre for the Edge™

Deloitte’s Centre for the Edge™ is designed to help businesses profit from emerging technology opportunities.

centre for the edge

Deloitte’s Centre for the EdgeTM, which is part of our global research network, is designed to help businesses profit from emerging technology opportunities.

Technology developments strike at the very heart of a business and finding strategies for corporate growth is essential. Our mission is to identify and explore opportunities that aren’t yet on senior management’s agenda but should be. While we’re focused on long-term trends and opportunities, we also look at the implications for near-term action.

As a client, you can benefit not only from the Centre’s international research, but also from the Australian chapter’s research on issues affecting the local operating environment.

Peter Williams talks to Sky News about the potential of a future cashless society

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Technology is no longer just a business support. Designed and delivered well, IT brings growth, profit and competitive advantage.

Peter Williams

Partner, Consulting


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