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Enterprise information management

Analytics and Information Management

Information is at the heart of every modern business, stored in countless documents, databases, spreadsheets and applications. Our information and content management teams service our clients by helping them design, develop and implement efficient information and data management solutions.


Oil and Gas Reality Check 2014

A look at the top issues facing the oil and gas sector. This year has seen global energy markets influenced by geo-politics to an extent never seen before.


Deloitte Analytics

Our Analytics Practice enables our clients to become Insight Driven Organisations by embedding analytics into the decision making process, and support capability development to transform business models to find new areas of growth, efficiency and competitiveness.


Business intelligence and Data warehousing

Business intelligence and data warehousing can provide the systems, tools, processes and governance to help organisations manage information more effectively.


Performance management

Learn how performance management can help organisations know what they really need to measure, and how to take action on the right insights when it counts.


Data management

Our Data management offerings help our clients develop whole of enterprise and business unit strategies and governance frameworks to drive value from their data assets whilst reducing the risk of impact.


Content management

From strategy to execution, our Content management solutions help ensure that business information aligns with core business goals and customer needs.

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