Human Capital

Today’s business challenges present a new wave of HR, talent and organisation priorities. Deloitte’s Human Capital services leverage research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute critical programs from business driven HR to innovative talent, leadership, and change programs.

Global Human Capital Trends 2014


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Predictions for 2014: Bersin by Deloitte

Organisations will need bold, innovative talent and human resources strategies to compete for skills amidst a global economy recovery.


Financial Services Forum 2014

Deloitte Actuaries & Consultants presented at the 2014 Financial Services Forum on a number of topics. 


Dynamics of the Australian superannuation system: The next 20 years

Dynamics of Superannuation 2013-2033, growth, pre and post-retirement battlegrounds, the GFC, Generational shifts and Adequacy.

Human Capital Trends

2015 survey


Human Capital

We make a difference to our clients by developing and implementing the talent and HR strategies that enhance an organisation’s value through its people.


Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership

Deloitte offers a strategic approach to diversity, inclusion and leadership. This portal shares research with clients and colleagues.


Organisation, Transformation & Talent

Learn how our Organisation, Transformation & Talent practice addresses the human factors that affect an organisation’s ability to make critical changes.


HR Transformation

The next big step for HR organisations is to raise the bar on how they help their businesses to perform, grow and create more value.


Actuaries & Consultants

Deloitte has extensive experience in banking, life insurance, wealth management, health, general insurance, superannuation and valuations.


Talent and workplace strategies

Deloitte’s talent and workforce planning services help clients establish a talent strategy that complements their business strategy.


Decision Science and Analytics

We maximise the value of your information by turning data into actionable insights that drive real business outcomes.


Technology alliances

To help solve their business challenges, organisations today are able to choose from a richer selection of technologies than ever before.


Global employer services

Among the most serious challenges businesses face today is compliance with multifaceted tax laws and labor regulations. Deloitte offers well-rounded plans and program development strategies that can help transform global employment programs in a tax- and cost-efficient manner.

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