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Today's harsh environment requires consumer businesses to understand and anticipate changing consumer needs and to respond rapidly with relevant products and solutions. To do that, they must address a myriad of questions – and Deloitte member firms are here to help.


Deloitte Christmas Study 2013

As taxes cripple household budgets, discretionary expenditures are becoming scarce. Well-priced practical gifts are most popular. Belgians are not rushing to online shopping unlike their European counterparts but it seems we start closing the gap.


Sustainability for consumer business companies

This report looks at what it will take for consumer businesses to place sustainability at the center of what they do and how they do it. 


Global Powers of Consumer Products 2013

The 6th edition of Global Powers of Consumer Products lists the world’s largest 250 consumer product companies and provides analysis of the year’s activity by product sector and geography, as well as by market cap.


Global Powers of Retailing 2013

The consumer revolution is here. Welcome to the world of “Retail Beyond.”


Retail Globalization

This report identifies six key aspects of globalization that can create roadblocks for retailers considering international expansion: Assessing risk, both the organization’s threshold for it and the risk from local competitors. 


The food value chain

This report addresses stakeholders across the food value chain: producers, processors, retailers and distributors, consumers, and governments/NGOs/regulators.


Regulatory Trends in the consumer goods industry

The most effective regulatory frameworks typically recognize the need to clearly understand who benefits and who feels the pinch from the regulation. The ability to quantify these costs and benefits is often an essential step in evaluating the net impact of the policy. 


Deloitte Analytics

Learn how organizations like yours are leveraging analytics techniques, such as predictive modeling, help drive growth and plan for change.

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