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Deloitte EMEA Centre of Excellence

Global Location Services (GLS) is Deloitte's EMEA Centre of Excellence for site selection and FDI Services. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with deep experience in dealing with the challenges that both corporate decision makers and Investment Promotion Agencies are facing. Where should you locate your plant, shared services, headquarter or other operation? Where to consolidate? What can countries, regions and cities do to attract Foreign Direct Investment? Deloitte’s Global Location Services offers experience and expertise to answer these questions.

With more than 3 decades of continued service, Deloitte’s site selection professionals have gained deep insights into corporate location strategies with a probably unequalled knowledge on location opportunities around the world. To complement the cross-country reach of the core team, our Brussels Centre of Excellence can mobilize local delivery teams in Deloitte offices around the world. We conduct around 25 projects annually: 40% focus on Europe, 60% have a global reach. We have field experience in over 45 countries.

What can we offer?

Corporate Services

We assist companies throughout their site selection and footprint optimisation process: from initial strategy development to incentive/lease negotiations and the eventual facility fit-out.  We also mobilise in-country Deloitte experts in areas such as taxation, incorporation and employment law and organisational change, to ensure fully localised solutions.

Our clients typically are global multinationals, from all type of industrial and service sectors.

FDI Services

We support government agencies and site developers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) promotion efforts, addressing strategic and operational issues. Our clients include national governments, Investment Promotion Agencies, Ports and Airports and local economic development organisations.

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Elias Van Herwaarden

Director Global Location Strategy (GLS)