Deloitte Technology Resources

Growing together

An additional offering of highly motivated people with adequate technology skills, who work in a staff augmentation mode on activities managed by the customer and working at the customer premises

  • Deloitte Consulting’s core activities are in the management consultancy assignments and in the SAP turn key projects capabilities.
  • Thanks to numerous projects successfully delivered by Deloitte, multiple clients expressed their willingness to extend the collaboration up to the final implementation and the implementation of our advices.
  • Customers engage themselves further with Deloitte in the day to day technical activities in order to develop and support their IT core systems.
  • To fulfill this market request for daily technical activities on a times and means basis, Deloitte has decided to create a dedicated service line called Deloitte Technical Resources (DTR)
  • DTR provides technical IT services as an additional service to Deloitte Consulting.

Please feel free to contact us: Deloitte Technology Resources

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Patrick Callewaert

Technology Lead & EMEA Lead for Salesforce

Nicolas Courtin

Director, Consulting