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Deloitte Accountancy is the trusted advisor for Belgian family businesses and growth companies and for finance departments of large companies.


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Accounting & compliance solutions

Deloitte ACS (Accounting and Compliance Solutions) provides a spectrum of accounting and financial services and solutions for enterprises that have an international dimension.


Our international network

The world of business is becoming more global day-by-day. But as Belgian companies expand across borders they face new and complicated challenges, especially when it comes to accounting.


Starting a business in Belgium

Business practices, legal, tax and accounting rules can differ widely between Belgium and your home country. With our focus on international organizations, Deloitte ACS offers a full range of competencies that facilitate your business operations in Belgium.


IFRS services

The Deloitte Brussels IFRS Centre of Excellence provides comprehensive and supported solutions for the IFRS treatment and disclosures of your specific transactions


Sven Asselbergh

Managing Partner, Deloitte Accounting & Compliance Solutions

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