Deloitte's Risk Intelligent approach helps clients: focus on areas of increased risk; address the entire spectrum of emerging risks, including disruption due to innovation, cyber, geopolitical, and other trends; and pursue intelligent risk-taking as a means to value creation.


European Privacy Academy

The European Privacy Academy does not just provide the theory but provides a very hands-on, pragmatic and risk management approach to data protection, privacy and security.


Insurance Risk Appetite Survey

The purpose of this survey is to provide a current state of the risk appetite frameworks at financial institutions active on the Belgian market and investigate if there is an emerging consensus on the core concepts of a risk appetite framework amongst financial institutions.


The Strategic Risk Quiz

A short, online benchmarking quiz, which allows you to compare your approach to strategic risk management to the overall respondent pool from the Exploring Strategic Risk survey.

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Changing the game on Cyber Risk


Deloitte Forensic

Forensic services help organisations protect their brand and reputation by proactively advising on their exposure to fraud, corruption and other business risk issues.


Security & Privacy

Deloitte offers a wide range of services tailored to your requirements and the maturity of your organisation's security.


Growth & Innovation services

Deloitte is well positioned to help organisations become more innovative in a sustainable way and to build an innovative eco-system. We can bring the breadth of skills to the table and we have a collaborative culture to work with client teams to make it happen.


Temporary support services in operations and procurement

Operational efficiency and saving opportunities have always been high on the corporate agenda. In order to support companies in dealing with inefficiency and error risks, we have built substantial experience in bringing our experienced procurement and operational professionals to your department.


Contract risk & compliance services

In today's business world, organizations increasingly rely on outsourcing, licensing, alliances and other business partnerships to meet their objectives. These complex relationships are governed by financial and legal agreements that are often poorly monitored.


Risk services

The risk services offered by Deloitte provide solutions and frameworks in the area of risk analytics and measurement, risk reporting and risk data management to help companies design, implement and improve their infrastructure related to specific risks affecting the organization


Internal audit services

Find out how internal audit can help an organization in bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.


IT risk advisory

Deloitte has a wide range of IT risk advisory services available to serve your needs


Public-private partnerships & infrastructure risk

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are a tool that governments have at their disposal for facilitating infrastructure delivery – a tool that requires careful application to reconcile public and private interests


Quantum Dawn 2

The Quantum Dawn 2 cyber-exercise, hosted by SIFMA, represented the next step in the continuing effort by the fsi sector to improve its ability to respond to a systemic cyberattack. This report provides a high-level view of the exercise’s objectives, scenario, results, and lessons learned.


Risk assessment in practice

This whitepaper developed by Deloitte in collaboration with COSO, presents a process for developing a risk assessment criteria, assessing risks and risk interactions, as well as prioritizing risks. It also discusses how to actually put this process into practice in a simple.  


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Innovation Leader Belgium,Enterprise Risk Services


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Managing Partner Enterprise Risk Services

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