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Financial advisory

Deloitte member firms provide advisory services around M&A transactions, restructurings, raising capital, and forensic investigations. Member firms also offer multi-situational capabilities including business modeling, Public Private Partnerships, and infrastructure advisory & valuations.


Capital Projects

Our Capital Project professionals help clients that face considerable pressure from delays, revisions and risks arising from inadequate planning, unreliable project reporting, misaligned financing, indeterminate liability and cost overruns.  


Transaction services

We provide a range of tailored services that add value throughout the process, from financial assessment of a target company through to assistance with preparation for sale or IPO to achieve a successful exit. 



Reorganization services

We provide market leading advisory and support services focused on maximizing recoveries, improving financial performance and resolving structural and financing issues.


Valuations services

Our valuation team helps companies successfully measure and understand the value of their assets in today’s rigorous regulatory environment by providing independent and well-supported valuations.


Real Estate Advisory services

We provide an extensive range of services to match individual investors through to global investment houses and developers.


2015 Q2 Global CFO Signals™

Last quarter, with levels of uncertainty on the rise, many global CFOs had the opportunity and the wherewithal to focus on corporate growth. Within the last few months, there have been several notable global economic tremors. Will such geopolitical issues influence the focus and sentiment of CFOs?


Deloitte Forensic

Read how Deloitte Forensic helps our clients react quickly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute.


The CFO Program

Deloitte’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Program brings together a multidisciplinary team of Deloitte leaders and subject matter specialists to help CFOs stay ahead in the face of growing challenges and demands.  


Corporate Finance

We provide advice in connection with capital raising and the acquisition and disposal of businesses and on a number of strategic initiatives including debt and capital structure advisory, Islamic finance, corporate structuring, joint ventures, fund placement and financial feasibility studies.



We work with clients facing complex problems - such as business disputes, fraud, or regulatory actions. We provide the proven methodologies, world-class forensic and analytic technology,experienced accounting and investigative specialists that can give our clients clarity, insight and solutions. 


Business Modeling services

We assist improve budgeting framework, require internal strategic support, prepare for a major bid, raise finance, acquire, sell, restructure or evaluate an investment opportunity we can assist.

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ME PoV Summer 2014 issue

For projects already approved or even under construction, scrutiny on expenditure is ever greater and there is a new mindset of extracting as much as possible from the minimum level of investment: the Capital Efficiency process.


MENA Private Equity confidence survey 2013

The survey provide unique insights and confirm a continued optimism for growth in regional investment activity, but a shift in immediate focus for many General Partners (GPs) towards asset monetisation from vintage funds and capital raising for a new round of acquisitions.