Deloitte's Risk Intelligent approach helps our clients: focus on their areas of increased risk, bridge silos to effectively manage risk across organizational boundaries and pursue not only risk mitigation, but also intelligent risk taking as a means to value creation.


Risk Services

The Risk services offered provide solutions and frameworks in the areas of risk analytics and measurement, risk reporting, and risk data management to help companies design, implement, and improve their infrastructure related to specific risks affecting the organization.



We offer a comprehensive range of services to help business leaders choose the best strategy and enhance the management of processes, technologies, people and risks.



Solutions for emerging companies

Our team has specialists in the varying areas of the business universe.The knowledge of each professional is complementary so that we can address the specific needs of medium organizations.


Analytics services

Solution that supports the transformation of data in strategic information; applicable to all function of a company, adding value both to administrative functions and core business functions, such as strategies and operations.



HR Desk

Deloitte develops solutions to help the executives to find alternatives to management challenges and the constant search for efficiency. 

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Key contacts

Ronaldo Fragoso

Lead partner of Enterprise Risk Management