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Deloitte’s Real Estate industry group and its member firm practices are recognized for bringing together teams with diverse experience and knowledge. We provide customized solutions for clients across the full spectrum of the real estate community.


2015 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

Learn about the top 10 issues faced by the real estate industry and obtain crucial takeaways to prepare your company’s strategic plans for 2016 and beyond.


The consumer evolution: Are you adapting to new consumer behaviours?




Curated content on inspiring technologies and organizations that shape our future


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Key contacts

Sheila Botting

National Leader, Real Estate

Key contacts

Tony Cocuzzo

Americas Leader, Real Estate

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Ciro DeCiantis

Investment Properties Sector Leader, Real Estate

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Harley Mintz

Construction and Engineering Sector Leader


2015 Investment Industry Outlook

This Outlook, produced by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, provides an analysis of industry priorities and anticipated trends coming in 2015.