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Energy & Resources

Deloitte’s Energy & Resources specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the Oil and Gas, Power, Mining, Shipping and Ports and Water sectors. We offer clients exceptionally detailed industry knowledge and a global network, alongside local market delivery.


Oil and Gas Reality Check 2015

Deloitte’s Global Energy & Resources group is delighted to introduce its 2015 report which focuses on six challenges impacting the oil and gas sector globally (and the upstream market in particular).


Trading up

In recent years, physical energy and commodities trading has entered into a new era of sophistication and scale. Changing global economic conditions are giving rise to exciting new opportunities, but also hazards.


Oil and Gas Talent Management

Adopting analytics to effectively manage workforce needs.


Shipping tax guides

The guides provide a high level view of shipping taxation requirements for organisations and individuals deriving income from shipping operations.


Electricity & Utilities

For Electricity & Utilities, uncertainty is the new reality. Deregulation, unbundling, restructuring, consolidation, competition — not to mention environment, health and safety concerns — are forcing major shifts in the traditional utilities sector. 


Oil & Gas

We recognize the difficulties of remaining competitive and thriving in today’s market realities. This is why we offer unrivalled depth, breadth and quality of professional expertise to serve the needs of clients across the oil and gas sector. 


Energy & commodity trading

We are a leading service provider to energy & commodity trading companies. Our expertise covers local and international aspects of the energy & commodity trading sector for our internationally orientated clients. 


Commodity Advisory

Deloitte’s Commodity Advisory Practice assists clients with managing all facets of their commodity transacting and risk management activities. 



Our global, integrated approach combines insight and innovation with business and industry knowledge to help our clients excel anywhere in the world. 

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Life at Deloitte

What is great about the people? Each person is unique and valued for that, among the best and brightest in the business, and takes pride in his or her achievements and the success of others. 



The Deloitte Energy & Resources Shipping & Ports Group specializes in providing professional services to the water transportation industry to include container lines, ports, harbor authorities, ship management and brokers.


Watertight solutions

Global expertise for the maritime and ports industry.



Renewable energy companies continue to capture the imagination of investors, entrepreneurs, and governments as challenges and concerns related to climate change, increasing energy demand, energy security, and favorable regulatory policy present themselves. 


Deloitte MarketPoint

Deloitte MarketPoint is a decision-support solutions company focused on fundamental market analysis and price projections.