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Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry group brings together one of the world’s largest pools of deep industry experts – respected for helping shape some of the world’s most recognized TMT brands and helping companies of all shapes and sizes thrive in a digital world.


Technology Fast 500™

Cutting edge companies, transforming the way we do business.


Value of connectivity

The knowledge economy is the future of the world economy and the internet its backbone. Yet, currently, only about 1 every 3 people can go online.'s goal to make access available to the remanining two thirds of the world will bring the same opportunities to everyone. 


Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital is creating a new model for a new age - we’re an agency and a consultancy. We combine leading digital and creative capabilities with the deep industry knowledge and experience Deloitte is known for. 


Technology Advisory

Business depends on technology as never before – to drive transformation, productivity and global operations. But technology is not a goal in itself, and initiatives need to be tightly linked to specific, measurable business goals risks.


State of the Media Democracy

Deloitte's State of the Media Democracy survey takes an in-depth, multi-generational look at how consumer preferences vary and are evolving within the changing landscape of device ownership, subscription services, advertising platforms, social networking adoption, and emerging payment models. 

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Digital Democracy Survey

Deloitte's Digital Democracy Survey compares and contrasts generational preferences of more than 2,000 consumers, ages 14 and older in the US, revealing significant technology, media and telecommunications consumption trends.


National Broadband plans

Connectivity through universal broadband infrastructure is a key social enabler and a policy priority for many governments around the world.


Risk Sensing

Risk Sensing—using human insights and advanced analytics capabilities to identify, analyze, and monitor emerging risks—has become a key component of many organizations’ arsenals for managing risk. In fact, 81% of respondents to a recent survey say their companies leverage risk sensing tools.