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Swiss Alumni Programme

Get connected, stay connected

Our Alumni programme will give you access to a diverse and valuable network of contacts. As a member, you will be invited to alumni reunions and events, technical seminars, receive our latest news, research and updates, helping you keep up-to-date with the big issues facing business, both in Switzerland and internationally.

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Be part of our Alumni Programme, submit the Registration Form, and take advantage of the following benefits and resources to help you:

  • build your personal and professional networks of diverse and valuable contacts
  • keep in touch with your former colleagues
  • keep updated on the latest business thinking and research
  • receive our latest news, research and updates
  • share knowledge and best business practice
  • be invited to Alumni reunions, events and technical seminars
  • Alumni referral programme, discover our open positions 

We also encourage you to join our alumni LinkedIn group, which will enable you to keep up-to-date with former colleagues as their careers evolve. Staying connected to our alumni is important to us. We believe it will also be a benefit to you.


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