The three rules of medical technology

Deloitte University Press report views performance through the lens of three straightforward rules that can help medical technology companies navigate profound changes in the US health care ecosystem.


mHealth in an mWorld

Center for Health Solutions report that examines factors driving the adoption of mHealth and opportunities it presents to lower costs and improve patient outcomes.


Medical devices

Mastering the “saturation”

Discover the major challenges currently faced by the medical devices sector and how these can be addressed successfully.

Sharp cutbacks in public spending, both in the United States and major EU markets, are big issues that the industry has had to deal with for a long time. Also, the growing competition and increasing price and profitability pressure, combined with a high degree of industry maturity have significant impact on the business models of the market players. 

As a result, the management of producing medical devices companies are faced with a complex set of multiple questions focusing on innovation, engineering excellence, as well as regulatory and market access strategies.


Serialisation isn’t optional

Protect your patients, Product Revenue and Brand
Reputation along your Supply Chain through

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