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Environmental management

Deliver our services with the least negative impact possible to the environment

We target to enable Deloitte China to effectively perform its operations and deliver its services with the least negative impact possible to the environment. Our environmental mission is to help Deloitte China ultimately become carbon neutral.

In 2007, a management led, cross-regional and cross functional Environmental Management Taskforce (EMT) was established to further coordinate Deloitte China's efforts across our offices in China.

Specific policies, processes and practices have been developed to facilitate environmental management across our firm. These include:

  • Deloitte China Environmental Policy Statement that to set out our firm's position in nine key areas of business operations
  • Deloitte China Environmental Policy Implementation Guide to provide detailed guidelines to all employees of Deloitte China for their compliance
  • Deloitte China Green Procurement Standards and targets for responsible  procurement
  • Environmental Management Performance Reporting System to capture operational data and calculate the respective carbon emissions
  • Travel Management System to facilitate tracking and reporting of carbon footprint generated from air-flight and hotel accommodation
  • Facilities in all Deloitte China offices to facilitate recycling and waste management
  • An intranet section and online discussion forum accessible to all Deloitte China employees, dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices on environmental protection
  • Environmental programs to promote environmental awareness
  • Regular internal newsletters to keep Deloitte China employees updated on our firm's latest environmental management initiatives and how they can participate

Please refer to the latest CR Report for our environmental initiatives and performance.

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