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Durch die SEPA-Einführung wird ein einheitlicher, standardisierter europäischer Zahlungsraum geschaffem. Dies erfordert für unterschiedliche Unternehmensbereiche einen großen Umstellungsaufwand.



Capturing the full potential from SAP solutions isn’t just about technology. It's also about driving sustainable business value. Nobody does that better than Deloitte.

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When it comes to implementing SAP, the fastest path to value requires dedicated tools, teams, and methods that are ready-to-roll and time-tested.  With a worldwide practice of nearly 10,000 SAP practitioners in more than 135 countries, we deliver SAP business results faster and better than any other vendor in the world.  We also hold the highest level of strategic alliance with SAP:  Global Partner — Services.

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2013 Quality Award Partner of the Year

Deloitte received the 2013 SAP®  Pinnacle award in the category "Quality Award Partner of the Year" in recognition of its strong partnership with SAP (NYSE: SAP).  SAP Pinnacle awards are presented annually to the top partners that have excelled in developing and growing their collaboration with SAP and driving customer success. Read more.

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