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Dbriefs Asia Pacific Tax Webcasts

Anticipating tomorrow's complex issues and new strategies is a challenge. Take the lead with Dbriefs that give you valuable insights on important developments affecting your business in Asia Pacific

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Global Mobility, Talent & Rewards
North Asia spotlight: Challenges and opportunities for outbound mobility for companies in the region

30 August, 2:00 – 3:00 PM HKT (GMT +8)
Host: Homi Mistry
Presenters: Russell Bird, Joe Choi, and David Luo

North Asia is home to the headquarters of many Asia-founded multinational corporations who are expanding their operations and sales to locations outside of the HQ country, both in Asia and outside the Asia region. What can be learnt from their challenges and experiences when implementing mobility policies to send employees from Asia to the rest of the world? With our speakers from China, Korea, and Japan drawing on the experiences of their outbound clients, we'll discuss:

  • Managing immigration and compliance risks and exposure for outbound assignees.
  • What are the approaches to mobility policies, dealing with tax equalization and similar for outbound assignees from North Asia?
  • What can be done to help Asia-outbound assignees deal with the cultural and different business styles outside of their home countries?
  • What are the regulatory, corporate, and other pitfalls to be avoided?
  • What trends are we seeing in the global mobility functions in the region as more Asia-HQ businesses try to grow beyond Asia?

Learn new perspectives on the mobility of employees as we focus on the nuances of moving people from business based in North Asia to the rest of the world.

India Spotlight
Tax impact of Indian Accounting Standards (IndAS)

1 September, 2:00 – 3:00 PM HKT (GMT +8)
Host: Vijay Dhingra
Presenters: Sunder Iyer, Geeta Ramrakhiani, Harsha Rawal, and Krishnamani Subramanian

Many Indian companies are required to adopt the new Indian Accounting Standards (IndAS) in a phased manner. IndAS brings in the concept of fair valuation and much more rigour in accounting for a transaction in accordance with its substance, rather than form. This raises the potential for notional income or expenses to be recognised for accounting purposes. But how will IndAS impact the calculation of taxable income for Indian tax purposes? We'll discuss:

  • Which companies are required to adopt IndAS?
  • Income tax treatment of accounting notional items.
  • Permanent vs. timing differences.
  • Impact on minimum alternate tax (MAT) and withholding tax obligations.

Gain a better understanding of the new Indian Accounting Standards and how they might impact your Indian tax position.

Transfer Pricing
Australia's new diverted profits tax: Are you prepared?

6 September, 2:00 – 3:00 PM HKT (GMT +8)
Host: Paul Riley
Presenters: Claudio Cimetta and Geoff Gill

Australia's recently announced diverted profits tax (DPT) is intended to discourage profit shifting to offshore entities that lack economic substance and to provide the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) with significant additional leverage when resolving disputes. The Australian DPT will be modelled on the UK DPT and is likely to be a "game changer", especially in light of how we have seen the ATO operating recently. We'll discuss:

  • The basis for the introduction of the DPT in the Australian political and tax environment.
  • The key features of the proposed DPT regime.
  • Approaches to the issue of economic substance.
  • Practical implications for multinational companies operating in Australia.

Find out how these changes will affect your business and their likely practical implications.

China Spotlight
China tax update: Issues, challenges, and opportunities

8 September, 2:00 – 3:00 PM HKT (GMT +8)
Host: Sarah Chin
Presenters: Victor Li and Jennifer Zhang

Despite growing at a slower rate than before, China continues to be a key priority for global multinationals. Constantly monitoring and being on top of recent developments in the local tax system is a must. What are the issues, challenges, and opportunities from the recent local developments? We'll discuss:

  • Effective ways to structure and finance investments in China.
  • Implementation of efficient supply chain and repatriation planning, and address traps for the unwary.
  • The trends in the approach taken by China's State Administration of Taxation.

Learn about the latest China's tax developments impacting multinationals.

Industries – Financial Services
Developments in VAT financial services rules: Everything is changing

22 September, 2:00 – 3:00 PM HKT (GMT +8)
Host: Michael Velten
Presenters: Sarah Chin, Senthuran Elalingam, and Robert Tsang

Indirect tax rules in respect of financial services entities become ever more complex across Asia Pacific. New rules inaugurated in China in May 2016, India's dual GST, and Malaysia's one year old GST, are stirring up waves of changes. Even mature VAT and GST systems like Singapore, continue to refine and adapt rules. What are all these changes and what trends are emerging that you should be aware of? We'll discuss:

  • China's new rules that tax a broad range of financial services, foregoing the approach of exemption adopted in many countries. How is the experience of these new rules shaping up?
  • What will India do when it introduces dual GST in this sector?
  • Malaysian financial institutions grapple with the now one year-old GST as the new tax beds down. What are the impacts so far?
  • What are the rules that the mature VAT and GST systems like Singapore are refining and adapting?

Gain insights from Deloitte experts on how major changes in indirect tax rules are impacting financial services firms.

M&A Tax
Tax considerations of pre-deal restructuring: Focus on China, Japan, and India

27 September, 2:00 – 3:00 PM HKT (GMT +8)
Host: Danny Po
Presenters: David Bickle and Hemal Mehta

To facilitate a deal completion, certain corporate restructuring exercises, such as business carve-out and debt selldown, would have to be conducted from both the seller's as well as the potential buyer's perspective. Other major stakeholders' interests, including major creditors and senior executives, would also need to be taken care of. There could be significant tax liabilities and risks arising from these pre-deal corporate restructuring exercises. In the previous quarter, we illustrated case studies in Australia, Korea, and Southeast Asia. In this quarter, we will continue the discussion of this topic with a focus on China, Japan, and India. We'll discuss:

  • Local tax law and regulations relevant to corporate restructuring in a deal context.
  • The best practice in managing tax liabilities and risks from both the seller's and the buyer's perspectives.
  • Anti-avoidance rules.
  • Practical case studies and lessons learned.

Stay informed about these significant tax considerations and gather insights into how they may affect your decisions in the next transaction.

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