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The Deloitte CE CFO Survey is a unique collection of locally tailored reports reflecting the opinions of CFOs of leading companies in the Central European region.  All the unique reports provide fascinating insights into CFO opinions at key moments in economic history. 

CE CFO Survey 2014


Signs of optimism

Central Europe CFO Survey 2014

The Deloitte CE CFO Survey is a unique collection of 13 locally tailored reports reflecting the opinions of almost 600 CFOs of leading companies in the Central European region. The findings are based on the fifth edition of a Deloitte survey undertaken from October to November 2013 in 13 countries in the region – Albania & Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. The survey captures shifts in CFOs’ opinions on factors including risks, GDP growth and financing priorities. It has become a benchmark for agile decision-making that takes into account the financial attitudes of major corporations across Central Europe.

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Slovenia -  Lack of optimism

Hungary -  Slight improvement

Latvia -  One of Central Europe’s most optimistic outlooks

Lithuania - Ready to make new investments

Bosnia & Herzegovina -  Challenging times but optimistic expectations

Czech Republic - Growth of optimism

Slovakia - Conservative approach

Serbia - Austerity versus optimism

Romania - Cautious optimism

Poland - Things are getting back to normal

Albania & Kosovo - Looking at ways to build long-term sustainability

Croatia - EU entry dominates the agenda

Bulgaria - Focus on growth

CE CFO Survey summary

  • Despite signs of optimism, the majority of CFOs in Central Europe believe that the time has not yet come to take more risk on to company balance sheets
  • Many CFOs plan to reduce gearing levels, associated with a corresponding expectation of higher financing costs
  • While talent shortages are not of concern to most participating CFOs, there are opportunities for experienced financial professionals around the region
  • The top priority for next year, shared by many CFOs in Central Europe, is simply to grow their revenues

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Key contacts

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