Central Europe Tax & Legal Highlights

July 2014

Welcome to the Tax & Legal Highlights. This page will provide you with the latest information on tax and legal related issues from around our Central European region. For more specific information – choose your country and find out more about local tax practices and news around the region.

Country Highlights


Introduction of the amendments related to the Transfer Pricing regulations

VAT refund procedures for diplomats and international organizations



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amendments on the Law on Excise Duty in Bosnia and Herzegovina related to tobacco products




Are you ready for the application of the new Labour Act?

Tax treatment of dividends and shares in profit



Czech Republic

dReport - July 2014:

The Act on Child Care Services in a Children’s Group Approved

Cancellation of the Obligatory Deposit for Fuel Distributors

The Amendment on Significant Market Power Will Bring Substantial Changes for Chains and Contractors



The concept of "product charge warehousing" as part of the environmental product charge regulations

Foreign individuals in Hungary – 183 days of residence but in which period?

Changes regarding the development tax allowance



The State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania announced the updated Commentary of the Law on Value Added Tax

Rules on Registration to the Register of Value Added Tax Payers / Deregistration from the Register of Value Added Tax Payers were updated



The new payment regulations with regard to social security contributions due from personal service contracts 

GEKON Programme: subsidies for innovative technologies in the environmental protection.

Key assumptions and practical implications of introducing CFC regulations

New Polish immigration Law



The Romanian Government has adopted the procedure regarding the refund of excise duties afferent to the diesel used as fuel in road transportation

Recent enactments issued by the National Energy Regulatory Authority in the energy field


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