Central Europe Tax & Legal Highlights

September 2014

Welcome to the Tax & Legal Highlights. This page will provide you with the latest information on tax and legal related issues from around our Central European region. For more specific information – choose your country and find out more about local tax practices and news around the region.

Country Highlights


The new law on VAT

Amendments to the Law on Collection of Mandatory Contributions for Social and Health Insurance

Amendments to the Law on Income Tax referring to monthly instalments of Corporate Income Tax


Czech Republic

Use of the Tax Exemption for New Buildings

The New Transfer Pricing Documentation Standard

Tax Determination Period in Question Again

Delivery of Documents to Employees by Mail



Significant change of the VAT return

VAT amendments concerning company cars



Cash grant based on individual government decision

Accounting and tax treatment of non-utilized amounts of Széchenyi Cards



Key assumptions and practical implications of introducing CFC regulations

Funding for R&D Works in the Area of Non-Ferrous Metals


Competition law: what's new? Regulations introducing personal liability of management board members – how to prepare for the coming into effect of regulations?



Update to the additional strengthening of the restrictive measures against Russia

Amendments to Unfair Competition Law and Competition Law

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Release on Transfer Pricing Documentation: The New Global Standard

New ECJ decision: Internal charges between a branch and the head-office are subject to VAT if a VAT group is in place



Information for all entities having transactions with related parties in Albania


Slovak Republic

Methodological Instruction on the Taxation of Personal Income the Source of which is a Decrease in Registered Capital

Write-off of a Receivable as a Tax-Deductible Expense

Methodological Instruction on the Distribution of Income and Expenses of Private Individuals


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