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2013 Q3 Global CFO Signals

Positively contagious

CFOs in many of the 17 countries and regions reporting share not only increased optimism, but also increased action.

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Q3 2013 CFO Signals Report

If positive sentiments are contagious, CFOs have caught the fever. In this edition of Global CFO Signals, finance executives worldwide seem to be embracing recovery and setting their sights on expansion, despite continued economic hiccups. In fact, CFOs in many of the 17 countries and regions reporting share not only increased optimism this quarter, but also increased action.

The trend is not universal, of course. In North America, CFOs are not allowing their still-positive outlook to translate into increased expectations, and CFO optimism fell in Ireland and Norway.

Still, overall, CFOs seem to be moving forward undeterred.

Argentina: Focused on growth

Australia: Don’t worry, be happy

Austria: Expecting an economic increase

Belgium: A new mood

Finland: Hope for better days

France: Revival of CFO optimism

Germany: Stepping up the pace

Ireland: Achieving sustainable growth

Middle East: Mixed optimism amid uncertainty

Netherlands: Optimism and opportunity

North America: Adjusting to an uneven recovery

Norway: Dark clouds on horizon

Southern Africa: Endurance: the journey continues

Spain: Regaining confidence

Sweden: Recovery on track

Switzerland: A bright autumn

United Kingdom: Priority: expansion

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