Insurance IFRS

Counting cost or maximizing benefit?

Insurance companies have been waiting over a decade for a single global accounting standard that fits their unique and complex industry. Deloitte understands the insurance industry and its need to gain improved economies of scale and minimize duplication through mandated regulatory change.


Insurance Accounting Insights

The International Accounting Standards Board's decision to ballot the new standard for Insurance Contracts sets the scene for thinking about implementation.


Insurance Accounting Newsletter - March 2015

The IASB completes its decisions on how to account for all non-participating insurance contracts.


Insurance IFRS Meeting Notes

Deloitte observers provide an independent record of meetings of the International Accounting Standards Board.


How can an Insurance IFRS program realize an array of benefits?

Given the scale, complexity and critical nature of most IFRS Insurance programs, a robust approach to benefits realization is critical.


IFRS Project Insights: Insurance Contracts

The IASB is undertaking a project on the accounting for insurance contracts in order to develop a comprehensive standard to address recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements.


Why start planning the communication strategy for Insurance IFRS now?

Now is the time to develop your communications strategy on IFRS Insurance impacts. 

Francesco Nagari

Global Insurance IFRS Leader

Adam Addis

Director, Global Insurance IFRS

Jerome Lemierre

Partner, Insurance Audit

Paul Stephenson



Insurance IFRS Leaders

Find the leaders and contact information for Insurance IFRS in the Deloitte member firms.


Deloitte IFRS e-learning

As global capital markets become increasingly integrated, many countries are moving to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). For example, in the European Union, companies with publicly traded shares or debt on a European exchange must use IFRS for  financial reporting for year ends.