Disrupting the CHRO

Much as CFOs evolved from their money-counter roots to become the CEO’s close strategic partner, CHROs are on the cusp of a transformation.


Global Business Driven HR Transformation

Global business driven HR transformation: The journey continues, identifies 18 distinct focus areas for companies that aim to respond more quickly and effectively to changes, expand their global footprints, and increase revenues and margins.


The reskilled HR team

Transform HR professionals into skilled business consultants

HR professionals need an increasingly wide range of skills, not only in talent areas but also in understanding how the business works, makes money, and competes. How are HR teams staying current and viable?

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The third most highly rated challenge in human capital noted in our survey is the need to reskill the HR team.  Only 7% of HR leaders surveyed feel their teams can consistently deliver innovative programs that drive business impact. Business leaders agree: Only 25% of business leaders believe their HR teams deliver excellent or good capabilities, compared to 75% who say HR is just getting by or underperforming.

To become an effective business partner, HR teams need an increasingly wide range of skills. They should understand workforce demographics and global culture; new technologies in recruiting, learning, social networking, and analytics; and new models for coaching, talent mobility, and performance management. Plus they should learn how to operate as business consultants, which means understanding how the business works, makes money, and builds its competitive advantage. Read how high-performing companies are solving this important problem through new models of HR development, continuous investment, job rotation, and certification.

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