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Talent analytics in practice

Move from talking to delivering on big data

Analytics is an exciting and fast-growing area of human resources, but many companies are lagging. How can they address this game-changing area of HR to move quickly and methodically into the future?

Talent analytics is a high-priority topic, but readiness is still low. This trend is rated among the top five priorities in every region of the world, yet only 4% of organizations surveyed believe they have the predictive talent analytics capabilities today. Only 14% of companies have any form of talent analytics program in place, yet more than 60% want to build a plan this year.  

Talent analytics presents a groundbreaking opportunity for HR organizations. Our research shows that companies that implement true business-oriented talent analytics can double their engagement, improve revenue, and dramatically increase almost every business measure by making better people decisions. But the journey is not easy, and it takes investment now. Read how this trend is being addressed today and how you can get started on this important initiative to transform HR.

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