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Transforming HR to meet new business priorities


Transforming HR to meet new business priorities

HR transformation efforts are continuing to shift their focus to business priorities, concentrating on areas such as talent, emerging markets, and the HR organization.

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Transforming HR to meet new business priorities

In the past, HR transformation focused primarily on making existing HR functions more efficient and effective. Today, HR capabilities must not only support the business, but enable business strategy. To fulfill its new role in accelerating business growth, organizations are using HR transformation to design HR and talent systems that can work across geographic boundaries, tailoring them to the demands of local markets and business units.  

Not only is the architecture of HR transformation changing; the sequencing of its implementation is changing as well. Traditionally, organizations launched HR transformation efforts in established, large markets such as the US and UK.  Today, companies are introducing HR transformation in markets that offer the greatest business value, including emerging markets, prioritizing business impact over short-term cost savings.

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