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Deloitte’s Strategy practice uses cutting-edge approaches embedded with deep industry knowledge and experience to develop and execute integrated, tailored strategies to meet the future with confidence.

Thriving in an ecosystem world


Strategy Consulting

Our strategy consultants employ cutting-edge approaches embedded with deep industry expertise, working with leaders to drive enterprise value.



Innovation, transformation, and leadership in your market. Learn about Deloitte’s consulting services.


Strategy & Operations

Connecting strategy to operations, delivering lasting impact. Learn more about Deloitte’s services.


Global Merger and Acquisition Services

Deloitte advises corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle. 


Business Model Transformation

You have the vision for your business, but do you have the structure to bring it to life? Deloitte’s Business Model Transformation professionals help drive the business and operating model changes required to achieve an organization’s strategic vision.


Tech Trends 2015

In our sixth annual report, we outline eight trends that could potentially disrupt the way businesses engage their customers, how work gets done, and how markets and industries evolve. 


Risk Transformation

Risk Transformation: Aligning risk and the pursuit of shareholder value sets forth the four cornerstones of an approach to risk management – to help make risk management an ingrained discipline throughout the organization.


Shaping a Risk Intelligent strategy

This whitepaper proposes a simple yet powerful framework for challenging deeply held assumptions to test – and, ultimately, strengthen – an enterprise’s strategy.


Directors' Alert 2014

Greater oversight, deeper insight: Boardroom strategies in an era of disruptive change


Deloitte named a global leader in Innovation Strategy and New Product Development Consulting by Kennedy

Read the press release to learn more.


Deloitte named a vanguard leader in digital strategy consulting services by Kennedy

Read the press release.


Deloitte launches university for Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Deloitte today launched Deloitte University Europe, the Middle East and Africa (DU EMEA) to help staff – and ultimately clients – navigate market changes and stay on the leading edge of learning and innovation.

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David Martin

Global Strategy Service Line Leader


Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation 

The fourth annual digital business study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte discusses the most important driver of organizational digital maturity. 


Ecosystems Expand the 'Art of the Possible'

Learn how organizations are building relationships with new partners and evaluating emerging forms of value creation as they navigate today’s world of business ecosystems.


Building your digital DNA

‘Building your digital DNA: Learning from digital leaders’ is the culmination of interviews and discussion groups with digital leaders from some of the world’s most recognizable brands, as well as insights from Deloitte consultants across Deloitte Digital and our Human Capital practices.


Exploring strategic risk

Strategic risks – those that affect or are created by business strategy decisions – are critical to the growth and performance of your business. 


The Three Rules

Why do some companies achieve exceptional performance while so many others struggle to survive?


2014 global risk survey

What’s your company’s reputation worth? More than 300 business executives from around the world say a company’s reputation is a priceless asset that should be protected as if it’s a matter of life and death, because from a business and career perspective, that’s exactly what it is.


Moments of Impact

Co-authored by Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Chris Ertel, Moments of Impact is a book on a mission: to eradicate time-sucking, energy-depleting workshops and meetings. It’s a helpful guide and personal trainer for managers and leaders who need better strategic conversations  


How you must change your strategic approach given emerging ecosystems

Monitor Deloitte’s Global Leader for Corporate Strategy, Jonathan Goodman, discusses how the evolution of strategic advantage has changed in a Forbes interview.


Global Human Capital Trends 2015

Download the report to learn about the 10 critical trends shaping the HR agenda. Learn more from Deloitte's annual Human Capital Trends report.


Cash to growth

Understanding EMEA’s growth agenda. How is cash going to be used to trigger growth?