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Our audit services go beyond merely meeting statutory requirements. We help our clients perform better. We take the time to understand our client's business, as well as the industries in which they operate and can help identify major risks and opportunities over and above performance of the traditional financial reporting function.

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The world of financial reporting for both public and private companies is changing at an unprecedented pace – more reporting frameworks, more complexity and seemingly unending change. Companies expect their accounting and finance departments to keep pace with the overall pace of growth as articulated by company leadership, a goal that can be difficult to attain with an overworked accounting and finance function.

Our audit practice has developed a range of value-added advisory service offerings to help you meet the demands of the various stakeholders that your company is accountable to and complement your existing team. With focused skills in the areas of reporting framework conversion and compliance, transaction support and accounting and finance function optimization, we provide consultative type services that go beyond the realm of traditional financial statement audit, while never losing sight of the challenges of financial reporting in a heavily regulated environment.

Our advisory services include:

  • Government funding and grants
  • IPO readiness
  • Cost reduction services
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Internal audit and controls assurance
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk
  • Information security and forensics
  • Data management
  • Secondments and staffing

Government funding and grants
Stimulating growth and innovation for both Irish indigenous companies and international companies with a presence in Ireland is paramount in ensuring growth in the Irish economy. Certain government agencies will provide assistance through the provision of both grant aid and capital injection and through varying forms of equity investment.

We can provide you with value-added assistance in a number of ways:

  • We can guide you in identifying the types of funding available to your company
  • We can provide the requisite accounting report to accompany the grant application submitted to the relevant government agency

Many of our clients have been surprised by the sheer diversity of grant aid available to their companies and at the levels of grants achieved, which have significantly improved their bottom line.


IPO readiness
We work with companies looking to access capital markets in both the US and Europe around specific requirements including;

  • IFRS and US GAAP transitions
  • Independent accountant reports
  • Quarterly reviews and comfort letters
  • Long form and short form reporting
  • Pre listing SEC filings

Cost reduction services
With tighter margins, companies are seeking to maintain and/or grow profits through working capital management and operating efficiency and are also looking to reduce their cost base. Our cost reduction services includes:

  • Working capital management insights
  • Cash management and liquidity
  • Assistance in financial modelling
  • Outsourcing
  • Management accounting
  • Controls
  • Contract review/compliance
  • IT systems review

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
We have a large pool of professionals who have been involved in both Sarbanes-Oxley readiness and attestation projects, both for Irish companies and MNCs located here. Our people can help provide greater insight around control optimisation and rationalisation as well as providing insight into US accounting requirements.

Internal audit and controls assurance
As the external environment continues to change, the demand placed on internal audit and control functions has never been greater. Our focus on you and your business means that your success is always our top priority. With one of the largest dedicated internal audit and controls assurance practices, both in Ireland and globally, Deloitte have the breadth and capability to support your business needs.

  • Fully outsourced/ co-sourced internal audit services
  • Controls assurance
  • Service auditors reports

Corporate governance
The demands on Irish Directors have grown enormously in recent years.  Corporate Governance is now a major focus of Irish Boards.  Irish Directors are facing challenging times with the introduction of mandatory codes and the growing expectation of, and demand for, boards to surpass best practice standards.

The enterprise risk services team in Deloitte have expertise in performing corporate governance assignments for clients in the public and private sector.  Our dedicated centre for corporate governance means that we have access to the most up to thought leadership in this field and across jurisdictions globally.

  • Review of corporate governance structures and practices, including compliance with applicable standards
  • Corporate governance benchmarking

Businesses need to understand and cost effectively manage the risks they take, and in certain case, be able to use a risk to their advantage.

Deloitte brings a unique perspective to what good looks like.  Our broad understanding of risks and areas of operational improvement—particularly the nuances of specific industry sectors and markets—can help risk functions improve performance and operating efficiency and bring value to their organisations.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution but Deloitte has developed an extensive set of tools and methodologies to allow us to rapidly add significant value to a company’s risk management.

Some of the risk advisory services we provide include:

  • Risk management gap analysis / benchmarking
  • Risk framework development

Information security and forensics
Security issues have a potentially significant impact on business and can result not just in financial losses but damage to reputation and operational downtime. In today’s information and digital economies all businesses are required to demonstrate system security, regulatory compliance and good governance is now expected by customers, partners and shareholders alike.

Some of the security and forensics services include:

  • Cyber security
  • Information privacy and protection
  • Identity and access management
  • Resilience and preparedness
  • Focussed services

Data management
Every organisation depends on reliable data. Managed well, it will drive revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk.  Managed poorly, it can lose customers, inflate costs and expose business to unbound levels of risk.

Deloitte’s enterprise risk services data analytics team have developed a broad ranging series of data services to deal with industry-specific data issues using industry leading tools to help our clients understand their data and then, implement appropriate activities, technology and controls to make data fit for purpose.

Specific ERS data service offerings include:

  • Data quality
  • Data governance
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Financial crime
  • Risk analytics

Secondments and staffing
We provide clients and companies with part-qualified and fully qualified accountants to work on ad hoc projects; assist with time-specific financial, management or regulatory reporting; and/or cover periods of leave.

The range of work our professional staff can assist with includes:

  • Identifying areas of operational improvements
  • Assisting with the preparation of financial and management accounts
  • Monthly balance sheet reconciliations and regulatory reporting
  • Developing management accounts and reports
  • Payroll and bookkeeping

We have expertise in all technical standards and reporting requirements, as well as specific industry knowledge that can add value to your business. Our secondment rates are highly competitive and ensure value for money while delivering the highest quality of service.

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