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Making the most of R&D tax relief

Opportunities for the renewable energy and clean technology sector

By trying to reduce their energy bills, companies, individuals and government initiatives are driving R&D business opportunities for new and established companies in the renewable energy sector.

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Making the most of R&D tax relief

Many opportunities exist for organisations to optimise their R&D tax relief. If you have overcome technological challenges in developing new products, processes, materials or technology with respect to renewable energy, then you may qualify for generous R&D tax incentives.

Many companies are not aware of the extent of their eligible activities, or that they are eligible at all. Deloitte offers expertise and experience across a wide selection of industries and has helped many clients achieve tax  cash savings under the R&D regime. This document defines Research and Development and offers tips for  making the most of R&D tax relief opportunities for renewable energy and clean technology sector.

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