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Risk adjusted forecasting and planning

Navigating the new normal of increased volatility

In this report, you will find an examination of how major global trends such as population growth, increasing economic development and urbanisation, coupled with the changes in climate patterns, underscore the importance of effective public policy and private sector water stewardship in managing this finite and shared resource.

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Risk adjusted forecasting and planning

This timely paper outlines how risk-adjusted forecasting and planning capabilities sould be a key component in the strategic toolkit for CFOs. It is clear that enhanced analytics can generate a better understanding of potential risk and return, and hence enable faster and more robust decision-making.  Risk-adjusted planning helps finance executives to better demonstrate to boards and investors how the compnay is taking an integrated approach to managing the business in challenging times. This paper also provides useful, hands-on advice on how executives can think about the practical application of these concepts- through case studies and suggested first steps to implementation.

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