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Our last survey in relation to Generation Y was undertaken in 2007 under extremely different economic circumstances. This recent survey is based on Generation Y and their attitude towards the economic downturn.

Executive summary

2010 was a turning point for Generation Y. As the first members of this generation approach their thirties and the worst economic slump of their lifetime begins to loosen its grip, we asked how the recession has impacted their attitudes and what can we expect next from them. Our survey was conducted the end of 2010 and the start of 2011. We surveyed over 500 generation Y candidates and held focus groups with over 60 of them.



Key findings

•  Just 54 percent of Gen Y'ers believe their jobs are secure

•  43 percent of the age bracket 20-22 year olds detailed that they have plans to emigrate

•  Just over half of those surveyed believe the economy will worsen over the next six months and Generation Y now has an increased focus on planning for the future

•  60 percent surveyed indicated they would expect a starting salary of between €24,000 and €30,000 (€23,000 - €32,000 – 2007 Figures)

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