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Programme and change leadership

Delivering value in times of change

Economic drivers pressing organisations into major change initiatives have never been greater. Fierce competition, changing business models, new technology, deregulation, cost pressures and globalisation are some of the key challenges being faced by business today. As a result organisations are undertaking more and more initiatives of increasing complexity and with unprecedented speed.

Despite the increasing level of investment being made by organisations in change projects and programmes, a large number of initiatives fail to deliver the expected value, are not implemented or cost substantially more and take longer than planned.

How we can help

Rooted in good practice
We have extensive experience of all industry standard methods and tools, including PRINCE2, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and MS Project. Our Intelligent Program Management Offices (PMO) approach provides a comprehensive programme management toolkit of good practice based on years of cross-sector experience.

Deloitte's global project management methods are rooted in industry recognised good practice from the PMBOK® and CMMI. Project & Integration Management (PIM) supports the entire project lifecycle with dedicated tools and resources. In addition, executive dashboards allow quick insight into programmes and projects to further support informed executive decisions.

Our programme leadership team takes a holistic approach to the delivery of projects and programmes in complex organisations. We align projects with your overall strategic objectives and transform your business strategy into a co-ordinated portfolio of initiatives. We enable the development and implementation of new processes and systems, as well as building on the skills and abilities of your people.

Key areas within programme leadership include:

  • Strategy translation – turning business strategy into programmes of work to deliver organisational objectives
  • Programme management – ensuring the benefits set out in the programme of work are delivered
  • Project management – ensuring work packages are delivered to time, cost and quality
  • Programme architecture – helping organisations build capabilities that support the challenges of large-scale complex change

‘On demand’ expertise

Our model gives organisations access to a dedicated team with proven credentials of delivering change projects and programmes for internationally based organisations across multiple jurisdictions:

  • They are supported by and have access to the very best of Deloitte’s scale, skill-sets and deep industry knowledge and expertise
  • Our global team consists of more than 2,200 change management experts in about 40 countries, who know how to assess, design, manage and implement change management programs at every level, scale and complexity
  • Deloitte provides highly customised solutions and the ability to scale up or down an organisation’s team of implementation experts to suit an organisation’s business needs and specific skills requirement at any particular time

Creating momentum

Setting expectations, shaping mind-sets and behaviours and monitoring the effects of a change strategy are crucial components in any successful execution.

Successful change leadership requires:

  • Strategic change – the ability to design and implement change management programmes to enable management to transform organisations and to execute business strategies
  • Operational change – the ability to provide the resources, methods and tools, to help managers and employees understand and adapt to the changes required, minimising dips in productivity or morale
  • Tactical change – the ability to diagnose progress so as to maximise impact while minimising disturbances at leadership, organisational or employee level.

The Deloitte change framework

We support our clients’ most ambitious aspirations with a suite of proprietary methods and tools, in addition to industry standard methods and technologies. Our framework is a proven comprehensive approach that aligns business strategy and initiates change activities across the organisation.

We use stakeholder assessments to develop a targeted approach to engage with each relevant, affected group, allowing effective investment of resources based on influence and interest. Our approach is also flexible enough to handle the iterative nature of a change process arising from the complexity of an organisation’s priorities.

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