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Cost reduction


Cost reduction

Develop significant, sustainable cost savings

In a challenging economic climate, many organisations have made cost-saving a priority but many companies remain frustrated by the lack of tangible returns for all their efforts.

Despite the increasing level of investment being made by organisations in change projects and programmes, a large number of initiatives fail to deliver the expected value, are not implemented or cost substantially more and take longer than planned.

How we can help

Enterprise cost reduction can be divided into short and long term strategies.

Among other things, improvements in short-term cash-flow may derive from:

  • Staff reductions
  • Benefit plan restructuring
  • Tax refunds
  • Real estate portfolio financing
  • Inventory reductions

While long-term savings are driven by:

  • Organisational restructuring
  • Supply chain improvements
  • Tax structure arbitrage
  • Implementation of shared services
  • Process/technology integration

We offer deep, sustainable, enterprise-wide cost savings, which quickly increase cash-flow while providing long-term cost reductions and operating efficiencies.

Proven results

  • Fast, measurable ROI benefits appear within 90-120 days
  • Sustainable increased efficiencies continue to generate long-term savings
  • Cost-effective return on initial assessment fees typically 5-10 times the investment
  • Comprehensive enterprise-wide solutions yield deeper cost reductions
  • Integrated industry veterans examine finance, operations, human resources and technology issues to maximise overall savings

Unparalleled service offering

Our Enterprise cost reduction services include the following:

  • Acquisition assimilation - We can help integrate an acquisition more effectively from a cost management perspective
  • Developing an enterprise cost reduction plan - We prioritise our recommendations into proven implementation plans. For companies that need near-term cost reductions and improvement in working capital, enterprise cost reduction delivers rapid identification and implementation of cost saving programmes across the entire organisation
  • Tools - Using proprietary tools such as PROFIT for financial processes and SPEED for supply chain assessment, we evaluate an organisation’s functions, activities and processes relative to best and common industry practices and benchmarks before recommending changes to improve corporate performance

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