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Operations excellence

Drive performance improvement

All too often, increased efficiency comes at the expense of consumer service but in the drive to reduce costs, enhancing the consumer experience should be at the centre of any strategy to improve the bottom line.

The impetus for change

Many factors can feed the focus on operations excellence, including:

  • Post-merger integration
  • Entering a new business or creating a new operation
  • The need to radically restructure costs in the face of shifting market dynamics or public expenditure constraints
  • The need to keep up with ever-evolving customer needs and tastes

These can all create the need for a radical rethink of operating models and an overhaul of key delivery processes.

Strong track record

Deloitte’s operations excellence practice has long experience of tackling some of the most challenging operations excellence programmes in the world, of achieving breakthroughs in performance and, most importantly of all, of helping clients build in-house capabilities to manage their operations better on an ongoing basis.

We focus on helping clients to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of their large-scale operational processes and to continually improve the core operation of their service organisation, by offering a range of services, including:

  • Cost reduction
  • Target Operating Model (TOM)
  • Process transformation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Lean operations
  • Business transformation

Cost reduction

In a challenging economic climate, many organisations have made cost-saving a priority but many companies remain frustrated by the lack of tangible returns for all their efforts. Despite the increasing level of investment being made by organisations in change projects and programmes, a large number of initiatives fail to deliver the expected value, are not implemented or cost substantially more and take longer than planned.

Target operating models

The Target Operating Model (TOM) seeks to create the optimal business architecture for the successful realisation of strategy. It acts as a focal point for decisions on operational strategy such as what functions should be shared, how functions should be configured in size and budget, and where operations should be performed and by whom. The TOM covers all dimensions of the business (people, organisation, process and technology) that contribute to the realisation of a vision.

The model itself is a flexible one, and can range from the simple, local model, e.g. a blueprint for a specific change, to a complex articulation, e.g. a major global transformation of an organisation.

Determining what should and should not be outsourced can be a key element of a new TOM. We are proud of our independence: as the largest consulting firm that doesn’t deliver outsourced services we are uniquely placed to help you make that determination, to find the right service provider and to help you make sure they deliver.

Process transformation

There is a bewildering array of tools and methods out in the market: BPR, Lean, Six Sigma, EFQM & TQM, Process Simulation, to name but a few. Deloitte has intimate knowledge of them all, helping clients through the maze.

We can help develop a rigorous approach to using these tools, deploy them to help solve the most significant operational challenges and develop in-house ability to support the creation of a continuous improvement culture.

Continuous improvement

Too often, managers believe their task is to design new ways of doing business and then to ram the changes through the inevitable staff resistance.

The world’s most efficient companies understand operational excellence can only be achieved with employee buy-in. With suitable consultation, front-line staff should be among an organisation’s greatest assets in ensuring strategy goals are met.

Deloitte has experience of developing roll-out programmes for embedding a continuous improvement culture into myriad organisations.

Lean operations

Thriving organisations typically have high performing processes underpinned by lean operational practices and principles that provide customers with; what they want, when they want it, in a cost effective manner. Lean operations is more than an improvement methodology, it encompasses a way of thinking and a leadership approach that can transform the culture and performance of an organisation.

Our lean operations approach is highly collaborative, involving all levels within an organisation on improvement work in creating and delivering maximum value for the customer while minimising non value adding activity. It can be successfully applied in every business and every process regardless of industry. Whether you have an improvement requirement across your organisation or within a specific departmental area, our approach is such that it can be scaled and customised to meet your individual business needs.

We have experience in supporting with the design and delivery of start-up Lean operations initiatives and the re-invigoration of existing Lean operations initiatives supporting improved business performance across multiple industries.

Business transformation

Business transformation enables the effective delivery of large scale change to core operations, across the range of our client's industries, and leverages the Deloitte extended delivery capability.

We assist in the design and delivery of major change programmes to transform both key business functions and enterprise-wide operations arising from operating model design; major cost reduction initiatives; and business process transformation.

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