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Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Renew Programme case study


Case studies

Reducing administrative burden

In order to remain globally competitive, it is important for the European Union to seek to constantly deliver efficiencies within and between the public sector and industry. Deloitte’s role in assisting the EU with these measures has been a critical component of the ongoing process.


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Fiscal challenges

Helping governments respond to the economic downturn

The economic crisis has forced many governments and public sector bodies to face up to difficult fiscal challenges. Governments are now looking for new ways to raise revenue, for solutions to help ensure that revenue due is collected and for process improvements to drive greater efficiency in financial management and expenditure. In Ireland and around the world, Deloitte is helping Government to address these fiscal challenges.

How we can help

Deloitte have established a range of transformation, revenue and sustainable cost reduction services to assist the public sector to respond to the current fiscal challenges.  Our service and approach has been developed and executed across the world and presents a variety of options for government to increase its efficiency in revenue raising and expenditure.

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