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The dynamics of decision making

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Bad decisions are made in organisations every day. Whether it’s squishy goals, competing interests, bad assumptions, not enough time, insufficient information, or simply not enough talent, there are countless ways to miss the mark.

On some level, making bad decisions is unavoidable. No one can always be right. But leading organisations tend to make fewer bad decisions, especially when it comes to those that can drive or destroy significant value – decisions that matter.

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The dynamics of decision making

Leading organisations understand that decision making is a distributed function involving lots of different people throughout the organizational hierarchy. But they also recognize that there are two executives with the knowledge to help their organisations improve decision making: chief financial officers (CFOs) and chief information officers (CIOs).

In this issue of CFO Insights, we will look at opportunities for these two leaders to collaborate and drive more effective decision-making throughout their organisations, as well as the barriers they face in making good decisions in the first place.


Cormac Hughes

Partner, Strategy and Operations & HCM, Consulting


Sinéad Smith

Director - Consulting

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