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Corporate and business unit strategy

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Strategy is about choices. We work side by side with our clients to make the choices that will help stretch and sharpen their ambition – grounded firmly in the realities of the marketplace, the capabilities of their organisation and the goals of their stakeholders.

We understand that strategy stands or falls on execution – and we are known for delivering ‘executable strategy’.

How we can help

The business environment is in a state of flux with the pace of change, uncertainty and complexity of doing business all increasing. Our Strategy team helps clients understand the current and future sources of competitive advantages, develop organisation capabilities to cultivate innovation, and identify new business and market opportunities.

We can work with you as you deal with the critical strategic questions your organisation faces.  Typical questions we help our clients address are:

  • What are your goals and aspirations?
  • Where will you play?
  • How will you win in your chosen markets?
  • How will you configure your organisation most effectively?
  • What are your priority initiatives?

Our services

Our services are based around the Deloitte Strategy Framework that helps clients manage uncertainty, control their costs and plan for growth by answering the “What? Where? How? and Why?” in relation to their key business challenges.

Competitive strategy

  • Identify and develop strategic response to short and long term changes in the market
  • Assess competitive positioning and develop competencies to provide a competitive edge in the market

Proposition and business model innovation

  • Identify new market opportunities and the capabilities required to capture them
  • Use operations as a lever in supporting the vision and mission for current and long term market objectives and competitive advantage

Market entry strategy

  • Develop adjacent growth strategies and shape international expansion
  • Identify and develop new business and market opportunities by employing a comprehensive understanding of trends, customers, technologies and geographies

Operating strategy

  • Formulate effective strategies to bridge the gaps between business strategy and implementation by clearly aligning implementation steps with overall business strategy

M&A strategy / commercial due diligence

  • Scrutinise M&A opportunities and assess viability of commercial projections

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