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The operation of a well planned and executed international assignee program is essential for the operation of a global business. Whether you are looking to redesign your global mobility policy for a large number of assignees or you have concerns regarding issues for a specific category of employee, our global employer services team can assist. Our integrated approach to tax compliance and consulting can reduce the cost and administrative burden for your business and manage the risks associated with a mobile workforce.

How we can help

A key requirement for any business today is to ensure the withholding and reporting requirements for employees are met both in Ireland and abroad and the risks in relation to this are managed. Failure to do so can lead to financial costs and often other implications, including a negative impact to brand reputation in the marketplace. Managing the compliance issues for inbound business travellers to Ireland has come under increased focus in recent years with the Revenue authorities. The recent changes for employers regarding the withholding obligations on income in the form of shares also have implications for cross border workers

Our international assignment services group has extensive experience and success working with both multinational corporations and companies with a smaller population of international assignees. Our specialist teams work with the in-house tax, human resources, payroll and finance functions to advise on all aspects of expatriate personal and employer consulting, compliance and human resource support services. We specialise in assisting businesses in all aspects of addressing cross border issues and managing the risks and costs associated with a global workforce, including:

  • Delivering tax effective compensation and benefits across borders
  • Global mobility risk management
  • The design, implementation and administration of assignment policies
  • International social security planning and advice
  • Home and host country personal tax compliance
  • Cross border equity related issues
  • End of assignment and retirement planning
  • Tax equalisation and protection policies
  • Cross border payroll solutions
  • Global mobility transformation

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