Financial Service Regulatory Consulting


Financial Service Regulatory Consulting

Adapting to the change

Provides a wide range of services to assist with financial crime management, regulatory compliance and prevention of sanctions breaches.

We also provide assistance and advice in meeting AML and regulatory requirements, which includes gap analyses and strategic advice to assist clients in the assessment, design, implementation and testing of program effectiveness. We provide remediation support when a failure does occur. In situations where there has been a breakdown or failure, we work with clients to assist in remediation, investigatory look- backs and to advise them in responding to regulatory and litigious actions. We also provide analyses and diagnostics advice and assistance in design, implementation and testing of risk management frameworks for banks and supervisory authorities.

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA") is also a key focus for the team and with the release of proposed guidance, we are increasingly focusing on helping clients assess new or amended organizational impacts and implications as well as leading the way toward achieving FATCA compliance.