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Verslun og þjónusta er sú atvinnugrein sem hefur á undanförnum árum eflst hvað mest hér á landi. Aukin neysla og gríðarleg fjölgun ferðamanna hafa verið lóð á vogarskál þessa atvinnugreinahóps og gefið honum aukið vægi í íslensku atvinnulífi.

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Sustainability for consumer business companies

This report looks at what it will take for consumer businesses to place sustainability at the center of what they do and how they do it. 


Retail Globalization

This report identifies six key aspects of globalization that can create roadblocks for retailers considering international expansion: Assessing risk, both the organization’s threshold for it and the risk from local competitors. 


Regulatory Trends in the consumer goods industry

The most effective regulatory frameworks typically recognize the need to clearly understand who benefits and who feels the pinch from the regulation. The ability to quantify these costs and benefits is often an essential step in evaluating the net impact of the policy. 


Deloitte Analytics

Learn how organizations like yours are leveraging analytics techniques, such as predictive modeling, help drive growth and plan for change.



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